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Love is in the Air

    Love is in the Air - Guild rules


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    Love is in the Air - Guild rules

    Post  Admin on Thu Jun 18 2009, 15:28

    About LiitA

    Love is in the Air is a newly formed PVE raiding guild dedicated to clear all available content.

    Our raid times will be updates shortly.

    The trial period is two weeks, during which you can only get loot that members pass on. You will be evaluated throughout
    your trial period, and receive the decision at or around the two week mark. In rare cases the trial period may be
    extended if we see it necessary.

    What we expect of you:

    We expect you to be able to attend a majority of our raids on a stable basis. We don't expect 100%
    attendance every week, but if you can't set aside time when we really need you then you might want to consider whether
    this is the right guild for you.

    Be in it for the long haul. If you're considering quitting or know that you'll only be able to play for 2-3 months,
    do not waste our time. We're looking for dedicated people that we can get to know and rely on for the future. Raiding
    isn't only about killing bosses, it's also about playing with friends, and quitters or guild jumpers serve neither cause.

    Put effort into your trial. If you know that you're not going to be able to give the two week trial your all, then wait until
    you can, or don't bother.

    Know your class. This is not the guild to learn how to play, this is the guild where you put the knowledge you have accumulated
    in wow to the test.

    Take pride in your character. We expect everyone to do their utmost to maximize the potential of their character, meaning full
    enchants and the best possible gear you can get. We know that the almighty dice might not always be in your favour, but you should
    always have a clear view of what your character needs.

    Don't be a dramaqueen, we have enough of those already. If you're the kind that complains over loot, raidspots and other trivialities,
    then get the fuck out.

    Be able to take criticism. Chances are we have other members who are smarter/better than you, and when you fuck up or do things
    wrong they will tell you so. Being able to take that criticism to heart and act on it is an extremely important part of raiding
    with us.

    Don't act like a thirteen-year-old on crack.

    Before you apply

    We don't accept joint applications, ever. You're welcome to apply at the same time, but every application will be
    considered on their own and irrespective of any others.

    Also, if you want your application to succed then put effort into it. A good application is by far the most important factor
    in how we pick our trials, and unless you come clad in legendaries you should spend a lot of time on it.

    /regards Admins & Guildleaders

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